Reduce Anxiety Symptoms In A Sample Of Adolescents With Learning Difficulties Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Dr. Abd Alhameed Mahmoud Abu Issa


This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of CBT in reducing symptoms of anxiety in a sample of adolescents with learning disabilities. To achieve the objectives of the study, the tool was prepared, which was represented by the anxiety scale, and it was confirmed that the scale had validity and consistency indications appropriate for its application to the individuals of the study sample, and a training program based on CBT was built. Where the researcher applied the study tools to a sample consisting of (8) students, they were chosen intentionally. Data were statistically processed by extraction of mean and standard deviations, and the unscientific Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test was used. The results showed that there were statistically significant differences on pre and post measurement in reducing symptoms in favor of post measurement, which indicates the effectiveness of the training program. In light of the results, I made some recommendations.

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