Determinants Of Public Health Expenditure In Some Selected States Of India: A Panel Data Approach

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Bhola Khan


Public health expenditure varies significantly across the Indian states. The attempt is made to assess the relationship between the health expenditure and its determinants, such as State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP), infant mortality, capital receipts, revenue receipts and internal borrowing, in nineteen states of India. For this purpose, we use 12 years data, 2010-2021, from various issues of state finance reports and run the panel regression. After careful analysis of the data, results indicates that the some of the states are doing well and they are spending more percentage of their total revenue receipts while some of them having less over the health issue. The State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP) and revenue receipts by the states having statistically significant impact over theĀ  total health expenditure by the states of India while internal debt having insignificant impact over the total health expenditure. Therefore, it is recommended to the state governments of India that they must have focued to increase the SGDP and Revenue receipts while they should have to reduce the internal borrowing and depends on other resources.

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