Impact Of Hand-Eye Coordination And Shoulder Strength On Volleyball Serving Ability

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S Sakthivel , Dr. K.Vaithiyanathan


The study was designed to find out the impact of hand-eye coordination and shoulder strength on volleyball serving ability. To achieve the purpose of the study, thirty men volleyball players were selected from Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai at random and their age ranged between 18 and 25 years. The investigator selected shoulder strength and hand eye coordination which had direct influence on the performance of volleyball players. Obtained data were subjected to statistical treatment using Pearson product moment correlation to find out whether the shoulder strength and hand eye correlation had any influence on volleyball serving ability of college men volleyball players. In all cases, the level of significance fixed was 0.05 as it was appropriate one. It was concluded that there was a significant relationship between volleyball serving ability and shoulder strength and hand eye coordination among college men volleyball players.

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