Virtual Reality Classroom Innovations With Technology An Institution's Transformation Engine: A Descriptive-Exploratory Study Of Difficulties And Concerns

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Girish Sharma


Studies on the merits and possibilities of using virtual reality (VR) in education has been ongoing for several years. The research has reports of several VR applications, but there isn't a market for a structured examination of them. The market for VR educational apps is analyzed in this study from 2019 to 2021, and recent developments in their services, materials, and features are also tracked. This research seeks to outline the VR resources that instructors might use to incorporate into the teaching and learning process.  The other objective was to examine user feedback on VR educational uses and build a summary of them to determine which one’s consumers liked best. The findings showed that more than half of the survey programs were free to download, that English was typically used for interaction, and that the programs with the highest user ratings came from the fields of environment, space, medical, art, and literature.

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