Local Community Participation In Management Of Tourism Villages: A Case Study Of Penglipuran Village In Bali

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Ni Ketut Arismayantiab , I Ketut Suwenaa


The participation of local communities in the rural tourism development process is a prerequisite for achieving sustainability and improving overall community welfare and influencing the sustainability of rural tourism development related to local community participation in decision-making, empowerment, and community knowledge. This research was conducted in Penglipuran, a traditional village in Bali which has a unique culture with traditional building layout and architecture, as well as unique village religious and social activities. The purpose of the study was to analyze the local community’s perception of tourism development and their participation in tourism management. Determination of community respondents in this study using the Random Sampling technique. Data were collected by observation, interviews, questionnaires, and documentation studies. Research findings in the form of people assessing the development of tourism in the village and the participation of local communities in tourism management is very good and active. Tourism management has a impact on the sustainability of tourism destinations, especially on environmental. The advice that can be given is the need to increase the ability of the community in the management function of tourism development, so that the community is able to increase their participation, especially in decision making and increase community tourism knowledge.

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