Factors Affecting Saudi Students’ Achievement In Reading Literacy In Light Of PISA 2018

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Dr. Abdullah S Alshalawi , Dr. Hassan Saleem Alqurashi


Nearly 217 million students from secondary college (it includes 60% of the adolescents worldwide) do not accomplish minimal stages in their reading ability by the end of their secondary school. This is shown in goal 4.1 of the UN’s SD Goals. Thus, the prompt and effective identity of this drawback as well as the execution of corrective practices is crucial for economies. In the year 2018, PISA, (the Programme related to International Student Assessment, evaluated the studying abilities of school students in a number of 80 international economies and location. Thus, this work ultimately presents a method that makes use of PISA’s facts to construct a logistic regression structure to pick out the primary components that led to underperformance of college students. Findings showed that metacognition techniques, student-teacher relationships, socioeconomic status, abilities related to Information and Communication Technology abilities, are the elements that are responsible for low reading skills.

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