Investigating Efl University Students' Written Performance On Cloze Test

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Maha Ahmed Yaseen , Wassan. A. Rasheed


This study aims at investigating EFL university students written performance in cloze tests in relation to the grammatical, vocabulary and discoursal mistakes of the texts they write. The causal-comparative design was used by the researcher. The study's population was made up of (275) male and female third-year students at the University of Mosul's English department and College of Basic Education. A random sampling technique was applied for sample selection. The total number of the sample was (110) male and female students during the academic year 2021-2022. The sample is divided into two groups (male and female); each group consisted of (55) students. This study's instrument was the test. There was only one type of test provided, which was a cloze test that passed the instrument validation stage. When the cloze test was used to measure written performance, the study's findings revealed that most third-grade students at Mosul University demonstrated a significantly different level of written performance.

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