The Integration Of Innovative Technology With Native Language And Literature Education

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Mahbuba Tojiboyeva Rakhimovna , Tashboltayeva Tajikhon Abdulhamidovna


In the article, it is made clear that using cutting-edge educational technologies would be necessary in order to achieve a high standard of modern education. A fresh approach to education, innovative learning combines a personal touch with the newest technological advancements, knowledge, skills, creativity, and professionalism. The organization of the educational process in a new way, centered on the desire of students for active communicative activity, for dialogue, and the inclusion of their emotional and intellectual potential in cognitive activity, is how teaching the native language and literature on innovative technologies. The active collaboration between the teacher and the student is at the core of contemporary education. In other words, the fundamental objectives of contemporary education are subordinated to the raising of a creative, active individual who is capable of learning and improving autonomously. You can structure the learning process so that the class is enjoyable for the learner by using an innovative method of learning.

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