The Principles Of The Betterment Of A Society In The Perspective Of The Holy Prophet’s Characterization (Seerat-Ul- Nabi (Pbuh) (Specific Study Of Fraternization (Mawakhawt Madinah) And Charter Of Madinah)

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Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar shafique , Dr. Hafiz Mohsin Zia Qazi , Dr. Hafiz Zahid Latif , Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad , Dr. Muhammad Sajjad Malik


The personality of the Holy prophet (PBUH) is such a blessing of Allah Almighty, whose personality is the fount of all the traits. Human reasoning is taken aback that the personality of the Holy Prophet is an embodiment of qualities forbearance, courage, openheartedness, vastness of heart and foresightedness as well. It is beyond doubt that the life of the Holy Prophet is full of many battles (Ghazwas) but the real characterization of the Prophet of Islam is no more the precedent of combat rather is the real direction of peacefulness and forbearance of the being of the Holy Prophet. For the major objective of the Prophet Muhammad was the goodness of the people and to provide them peace in their lives. Owing to this case Allah says in the Holy Quran

یَا أَیُّہَا الَّذِیْنَ آمَنُواْ اسْتَجِیْبُواْ لِلّہِ وَلِلرَّسُولِ إِذَا دَعَاکُم لِمَا یُحْیِیْکُمْ[i]

“O you who believe, respond to Allah and His messenger, when he calls you to what gives you lives.”

Since when the characterization of the Holy Prophet is studies then it is known that after the acme of forbearance of the life of Makkah, the Holy Prophet laid the organized foundation of a society in such a way that was unprecedented in the world. The two basic matters which are the best examples of his foresightedness and the ruling code of conduct for the betterment of the society, Brotherhood / fraternity the first, and the second was the written statement which played a vital role in formulating and establishing the state of Madinah, was known as Charter of Madinah of which not only the own flesh and blood but the others (Foes) also could not help praising it. These two factors are the ones which provided the base to the state of Madinah to become such an Islamic society open which the whole world not only does show envy but also is busy with all respects to adopt practically the act of the government. In this article, an effort has been made in the light of the two historical steps of the characterization of the Holy Prophet to point out such principles as precedent out of which the betterment of the society can be made so that the same peacefulness can possibly be attained as is claimed by the Islam.

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