Ethical Leadership As A Predictor Of Perceived Work Environment And Organizational Commitment: A Survey From School Teachers In Karachi

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Amber Zehra , Dr Afshan Naz , Sumaiya Zehra , S.M Danish , Ajab Ali Lashari


This research predicted Ethical Leadership from the perspective of Perceive Work Environment and Organizational commitment in the opinion of teachers in Karachi. Literature reported that the concept of Ethical Leadership has never been addressed from the perspective of the Perceived working environment and Organizational Commitment. Recent studies suggested the gap by highlighting the missing relationship b/w Ethical Leadership and the Perceived working environment in school organizations. This survey was conducted on teachers in different schools in Karachi, ranging from Public to private and primary to secondary schools. Under the quantitative paradigm, a regression model was used to predict EL from the perspective of PEW and OC. Out of 600, 560 questionnaires were received, and the participants for the study were chosen using a Simple random technique. A questionnaire was developed for measuring the opinion of teachers regarding EL, PEW, and OC with 33 items on 5 points Likert scale. Data was analyzed using PlS-Sem and SPSS. Findings suggested a positive correlation between EL, PWE, and OC. This research recommends more research on motivational and job satisfaction from the perspective of Ethical Leadership at the school level.

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