Developing A Framework in Higher Education for Teachers/Instructor Roles and Competencies that are Related to the 21st Century: Meta-Analysis

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Dr. Saba Al Qadhi, Dr. Wael Yousef, Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Hassan, Dr. Reem Khalid Abu-Shawish


This paper presents a review of relevant studies concerning teachers' competencies. Critical aspects discussed in this chain existing frameworks regarding teachers' role and competencies, skills, knowledge, and attitude in HEI. The research is expected to follow a quantitative research approach in which data was reviewed using meta-analysis. The study presents a non-evaluative reporting of the data using appropriate methods to draw insights. The findings indicated that teaching in HEI requires a variety of critical competencies. Some of these include curriculum development, sociocultural studies, psychological studies, and research.  This study provided an opportunity to consider the various competencies that were identified and acknowledged in the literature. The study suggested that most of these could not be tested and used in the learning environment. The goal of identifying competencies was to create a framework that would demonstrate how those with higher levels of knowledge and skills would perform well in a wide variety of occupations.

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