Sustainability Marketing: A Literature Review From 2001-2022

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Tripathi Pooja , Alavi Shirin And Kapoor Sujata


Consumers worldwide are becoming conscious of sustainability. This has compelled marketers to cater to their needs, and thereby shift towards sustainability marketing. therefore, an in-depth understanding of sustainability marketing is required by marketers and academicians. The purpose of the study is to explore the background, and significance of the given topic, and lay the groundwork for understanding the concept of sustainability marketing in order to guide future studies. This study reviews research articles under the ambit of sustainability marketing, published from 2001 to 2022 using Harzing Publish or Perish software. The study shows that the environmental dimension is studied more than any other dimension. In addition, the findings also represent a theoretical framework, wherein it traces the evolution of the sustainability concept, including some most researched aspects, and countries that have contributed the most to this area. The current study is unique as it highlights all three dimensions of sustainability marketing and reviews the literature with respect to three different domains of sustainability.

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