The Effectiveness Of Online Assessment Tools Of Al Balqa Applied University Students In Improving Their Language Skills From Their Point Of View

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Prof. Mohammad Fawzy Ahmed Bani-Yaseen , Prof. Mohammad Akram Al-Zu’bi


the study aimed at revealing the effectiveness of online assessment tools for Balqa Applied University students in improving their language skills from their perspective; both researchers prepared a questionnaire consisting of (20) items consisting of four areas (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). A triple scale was placed in front of each statement (it applies to me a lot, it sometimes applies to me, it does not apply to me). The study population consisted of students of Balqa University Applied Colleges (Ajlon, Irbid and Al-Huson) in the academic year 2020/2021. The results of the study according to the statistical standard showed that the students' trends were at the intermediate level. It showed a statistical significant difference in favor of Arabic and English compared to non-linguistic disciplines. Also, there was a difference between Arabic and English in favor of English in reading skill. At the skill level, the skill of speaking was ranked first then listening then writing than reading. The results showed that item (6)”The assessment methods measure my ability to understand the content of audible texts” and item (12)” The assessment methods measure my ability to express opinions and the ability to discuss”  were ranked first. While item (2)” The assessment methods measure my critical, functional and innovative reading ability” was ranked last.

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