The Role Of Insurance Surplus Distribution In The Intensity Of Competition Among Insurance Companies (A Case Study Of The Iraqi Insurance Company From 2006 To 2020)

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Huda Yousif Khattab , Prof. Yousif El Faki , Dr. Salah al-Din Muhammad Abdullah Haseeb


This research dealt with the role of distribution of insurance surplus in the strength of competition between insurance companies. Moreover, the study problem was represented in the following question: What is the role of insurance surplus distribution in the strength of competition between insurance companies? The aim is to identify the process of distributing the insurance surplus, as well as the party entitled to the insurance surplus, and to identify the extent of the impact of the mechanisms for distributing the insurance surplus on the competitiveness of insurance companies. The researcher used the descriptive analytical approach, and the study brought about a number of findings and recommendations, the most important of which are: It became clear through the study that the insurance surplus represents an increase in collection and not a profit, and it is the exclusive property of the insured and not of the company. Those in charge of Islamic insurance companies should act on the insurance surplus in the interest of the insured and not take anything from it so that the insurance surplus remains a landmark that distinguishes Islamic insurance companies from their counterparts from commercial insurance companies.

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