The Legal Effects Of Stock Markets In Activating Investment And Increasing Economic Growth In Iraq In Light Of The Temporary Law For Stock Markets No. (74) Of 2004

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Dr. Wissam Mohammed Hassan Algaragolle


Securities are instruments (stocks and bonds) issued by government or civil bodies represented by bodies or companies, such as insurance companies, or issued by private bodies represented by companies, which give the person who owns them a right with such bodies, and are issued at a fixed value. On the other hand, investment is the capital that is used in the production of goods and services in order to provide them and put them on the market in the present and the future.

The stock market has legal effects that affect investment in Iraq represented by (stocks and bonds), whether local or foreign investment. This market supports economic activity, which in turn activates business and capital, by developing savings, providing liquidity, increasing capital formation, and then increasing economic growth in Iraq. Moreover, the stock market works in the present and the future to evaluate the performance and development of the issuance and trading market, evaluate the performance of each market individually on the basis of some financial indicators, and identify strengths and weaknesses that affect investment and the benefits of solutions and suggestions

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