Curriculum Improvement At Secondary Education

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Tursunova Shakhnoza , Dushanova Nargiza


Proper and adequate dissemination of knowledge cannot be achieved without well- thought and properly designed curriculum in education system.  Significance of it should not be undermined in every stage of education. This paper intends to analyze and cast light on the incomparable role of curriculum particularly, signifying its enhancement in secondary education. Meanwhile, it should be noted that for the further development of it, learners’ participation is equally important as developer’s participation in an effort to identify the nuances in curriculum, thus acknowledging that collaborative effort is needed in the prevention of them. Progressively, it analyzes four main phases of its development, including design, dissemination, evaluation, and implementation. At the end, this paper highlights that learners involvement in curriculum improvement is welcomed in secondary education based on the proper instructions and guidance of its developers.

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