Directorate Of Education Major General Bani Kinana's Primary Eighth Grade Mathematics Teachers' Trends Towards The Use Of Blended Education From Their Viewpoint

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Dr. Nisreen Saleh Khader Khader


The study aimed to identify the trends of mathematics teachers for the primary eighth grade in the schools of the Directorate of Education of Major General  Bani Kinana regarding the use of Blended education from their viewpoint. The study relied on the descriptive-analytical method, and the study population consisted of (173) male and female teachers working in government schools in the Directorate of Education of Major General  Bani Kinana in Irbid Governorate in Jordan. The study sample was 96 male and female teachers who were selected randomly. The results of the study showed that mathematics teachers' trends toward the use of integrated education were positive and moderate, and the arithmetic average was (3.88). The study recommended that courses and workshops should be held for both teachers and students, developing their tendencies towards using the integrated education strategy permanently and continuously and training them in ways of using it. Attention to various activities and software, development and updating, to include all schools, connecting all schools to the Internet and providing computers commensurate with the number of students in schools, and adjusting the math curriculum to comply with its application using integrated education.

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