Socio-Economic And Historical Overview Of The Labour Movements In Colonial Assam (India) Post-World War I

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Atul Das


Labour movement had its origin in England with the emergence of industrialization and capitalism. The industrial revolution has impoverished the British peasantry, which forced them to migrate to the industrial centers in search of work. The competition of jobs depressed the wage rates and provided ultimate power to the employers. As a result workers of different field realized the fact that they could not withstand the power of the employer alone and have to bargain collectively. It resulted in widespread protest and formation of trade unions. The period between the two World Wars constitute an eventful phase in the history of organized labour movements in India as well as Assam. A wave of organized labour movements started in both plantation and non-plantation sectors in Assam. These labour strikes were influenced by different political ideologies and received political as well as national support from the worker sections of the country and abroad.

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