Assessing The Impact Of Service- Quality On Customer Satisfaction In The Internet Of Things (Iot) Era: Survey-Based Evidence In Indian Smart Cities

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Rini , Prof. (Dr) Sanjeev Kumar Sharma


Use of IoT devices is gaining significant momentum in the recent era. Smart speakers are  found to be one of the major breakthrough evolutions in this concern. Indian market for smart speakers is picking substantial pace. However, there is limited evidence on how consumers’ experience with the service of the smart speakers can be enhanced. Thus, the current paper aims at outlining the satisfaction with services of a product .In this context, the current paper is directed towards understanding how SERVQUAL dimensions predict the satisfaction of the IoT smart devices in India. Moreover, it seeks to gain an insight whether demographic attributes play a role in enhancing or decreasing this associations. For this purpose, the study has used a primary approach and distributed quantitative surveys among 200 existing smart device users in India. SPSS 26  ,  AMOS 25  and Process Macro tools have been used to gauge the defined associations in the paper. Findings of the study affirm that service quality dimensions pertaining to reliability, assurance and empathy had a direct impact on customer satisfaction with regard to IoT enabled smart speakers. Significant moderation role of demographic variables namely age , education and income were observed in the association between service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction towards smart speakers .

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