Generous Leader Behavior As A Moderating Variable In The Relationship Between Organizational Plasticity and Human Resource Sustainability: An Empirical study in private hospitals of Najaf Governorate

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Ali Razzaq Chyad Al- Abedi, Afrah Khalil Ahmed


     The current research aims to identify the role of Generous Leader behavior as an interactive variable in the relationship between organizational plasticity and human resource sustainability in the civil hospitals operating in Najaf province. The study relied on the descriptive approach by distributing a questionnaire to the opinions of a sample of the 194 doctors working in civil hospitals. The practical analysis was carried out by adopting a set of statistical tools and methods that suit the objectives of the research, and the statistical package (SMART PLS) and (SPSS) v.20;v.22 were adopted, and the study included several conclusions, the most important of which was that the sample members fully and largely agreed that there is a moral euphemism effect on the behavior of the Generous Leader  In the relationship between organizational plasticity and the sustainability of the human resource, the recommendations are to emphasize the need to adopt the leader's generous behavior as a euphemism that has improved the sustainability of the human resource resulting from the impact of regulatory softness.

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