An Analysis of Performance of Green Plywood Industries Limited

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Ms Vaishali Rathore, Dr Manish Didwania


Performance of a company refers to profitability of the company or its capacity to earn the profits from its business operations. It is measured in terms of profitability of the company i.e., Operating, gross and net profit of the company during a period. Plywood sector of India is ancillary to majority of other industries operating in the country. This sector has evolved as one of the most needed sectors in the economy of the country. The growing importance of this sector signifies the need of studying the performance of the companies operating in there. Of late many researches have been conducted on the chemical composition of the product and the scientific method to increase the production of plywood industries but no dedicated research exists to analyse the financial performance of the plywood industries of India. Green Plywood Industries Ltd. is the largest ‘interior infrastructure corporate’ of India and is considered as the major giant of plywood industry of the country which makes it apt for being the representative of its respective industry for the purpose of analysing the financial performance. This research paper is an attempt to evaluating the financial performance of plywood giant ‘Green Plywood industries Ltd.’. This study will be extremely useful for the corporates to frame the structural understanding of their financial performance and to restructure it according to their targeted preferences. Further, this research will be also serving a base for further dedicated in-depth research on the subject of plywood industry and alike companies of India.

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