Implications of Cultural Values and Character of Local Wisdom in the Implementation of Local Government

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Sampara Lukman, M. Irwan Tahir, Ali Hanafiah Muhi


The purpose of this study is to establish how far the cultural value of the municipality of Bau-Bau, in the south-east Sulawesi province was influenced by local knowledge. A descriptive research method emphasizes the extent and depth of information based on questionnaires and observations as data gathering tools. The procedure employed is a quantitative research strategy. The data studied were samples taken from the population using probability sampling or random techniques. The study results indicate that there is an influence of local wisdom values ​​on cultural values ​​and the character of local wisdom in government administration. Moreover, the results of the study reveal that the better understanding and updating of cultural values and the nature of local knowledge in local government administration, the higher the cultural value style and local knowledge in government implementation. Therefore, the performance of local government must always be based on cultural values ​​and the nature of local knowledge that is inherited as a form of identification of the apparatus that sided with the community and reflects the relevance of the developing work culture.

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