Deconstructing Emotion Regulation from an Interpersonal Perspective

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Deepika Nambiar, Arunima Dube


The concept of “affect revolution” has transfigured the trajectory of emotional development. It has been the focus of research across multiple disciplines. The most significant and emerging concept in understanding emotional regulation is that of Interpersonal emotional regulation and its dynamism with the social environment. The current study takes a narrative review approach to present a framework for understanding the interpersonal nature of emotional regulation. This article is an attempt to synthesize and conceptualize Interpersonal Emotional Regulation, the dynamism of Intrapersonal v/s Interpersonal Regulation, and Understanding the Social Nature of emotion regulation. The penultimate section discusses the developmental and theoretical framework of interpersonal regulation. The different tools to measure and quantify interpersonal regulation and potential future areas of research conclude the review.

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