Motivation And Challenges in Career Choice and Well Being of Women Entrepreneurs; Experiences of Small Businesses of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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Ashish Kumar, Dr. Mitu Mandal, Uma Shankar Yadav


The aim of the article is to look at the entrepreneurial journeys of 37 women entrepreneurs from Lucknow in order to get qualitative insights into the factors that inspire them (to start and run a business) as well as the challenges they confront in their growth and well-being. The study reveals that to do something creative, innovativeness, independence, freedom and self-identity are the major pull factors that motivate women to start and run their business. Women are significantly drawn to start their own business by a mixture of personal ability, family support and outside support. The study also reveals that major challenge that women entrepreneurs face is not being recognised by society and proper acknowledgement of their business. This contribution of this study to women entrepreneurship literature is to provide real life insights of motivations and challenges that entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh face by doing in-depth interviews and using qualitative analysis of data. The main objective of this paper is to motivate women entrepreneurs operating small business in Uttar Pradesh.

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