Factors Influencing Knowledge Management Implementation in Creative Industries

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Alexandra Sinta Wahjudewanti, Jann Hidajat Tjakraatmaja, Yudo Anggoro


Creative Industries (CI) gives a notable contribution to Indonesian economic growth. However, some subsectors in CI still have low performance in innovation and research & development. Hence Knowledge Management is suggested to be implemented to increase the performance of CI. This study is an exploratory study to investigate how KM implementation affects the Learning and Growth in CI. The aim of this study is to discover the factors in  KM processes and KM enablers in CI. KM enablers are the factors that affecting KM which include organizational culture, people, technology and process. While KM processes consist of the process of KM which covers knowledge identification, knowledge storage, knowledge sharing, knowledge application and knowledge development. This paper explores KM enablers and KM processes from exploratory studies. Field observation was conducted to CI and then followed by an in-depth interview with several creative industries’ owners, academicians, government and other organizations supporting CI. Several points related to KM enablers and KM processes in CI are identified from the study.

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