Practice of Child Rights by School Teachers- A focal area of School Social Work Practice

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Lilly Pushpam S, Dr. M. Daniel Solomon


School Social Work is a vast area of practice that responds to the needs of students and school community. In their commitment to human rights and social justice, School Social Workers advocate for the rights of students (Lakshmi J 2014). Today the School Social Work profession has wider scope as the population of students faces a more complex set of individual, school, family, and community level risk factors (Kelly et al. 2010). Less interest in academics, suicides due to stress and low marks, corporal punishment and sexual abuse, wrong parenting roles, drug abuse and addictions etc are all the broad-ranging educational challenges of pupils today. Millions of children suffer from varied forms of abuse and exploitation resulting in the violation of their rights. On the other hand school teachers lack ability and information on how to address students problems (Berzin S C et al. 2011) (Abrahams et al. 1992). Studies show that the awareness and practice of Child Rights among school teachers are very poor (Kumar D 2016). This calls to the attention of the School Social Workers the vital need for enhancing practice of Child Rights among school teachers. Hence the present study attempts to explore the practice of Child Rights among school teachers in Udupi District Karnataka. The aim of this study is to know the practice level of Child Rights among School Teachers. The Research design is Descriptive in nature. Universe of the study is Udupi District in Karnataka. 782 samples of school teachers were selected by using Stratified Proportionate Random Sampling method. Self Prepared Questionnaire on ‘Child Rights Practice by School Teachers’ was used for data collection and data was analyzed by using Statistical Package for Social Science 23 version. The finding of the study reveals that more than half 51.4 percent of the respondents are having low level of practice on Child Rights. The Government school teachers have high level of practice on Child Rights than those in management schools. To conclude teachers from unaided schools followed by aided schools have low level of Child Rights practice indicating these category of teachers is a focal area of scope for School Social Workers to enhance Child Rights practice.

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