Understanding Individual Cultural Values: A Validation Test of Power Distance, Masculinity, and Long-Term Orientation in Indian Service Industry

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Amrita Saha, Dr. Neena Nanda


This research examines data obtained from 216 service sector employees in India using the most recent version of Hofstede's survey instrument in an attempt to validate three of Hofstede's cultural dimensions (Power Distance, Masculinity, and Long Term orientation). Yoo, Donthu, and Lenartowicz created the initial 26-item scale to represent Hofstede's cultural dimension at the person level. The reliability and validity of the scale was tested using descriptive statistics of Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) as well as Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The testing demonstrated that the three dimensions of CVSCALE and its items have sufficient reliability (high internal consistency) and validity (face, convergent, and discriminant) to be employed in the Indian service sector for individual cultural evaluation.

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