Changes In The Short-Term Industrial Footprint Optimization Due To The Covid19 Pandemics

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Dr. Ander Errasti, Dr. Aitor Goti Elordi, Ashwini Lal Pakkirappana Palya Krishnalal


Industries play a critical role in the growth of global economic development and transition. Footprint management is the process of systematically evaluating were to generate each of the references in a company's product catalogue. It achieved by examining the strategy's cost-effectiveness, benefit, and help, as well as its versatility in responding to emerging business changes and customer needs. The research in this area is immense as countless factors influence it. Nevertheless, this vast research becomes scarce when tackling industrial footprint optimization and  events like the COVID19 appear. The article aims to present a literature review considering the critical issues and urgency for recovery from changes in short-term industrial footprint optimization caused due to the covid 19 pandemic.


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