A Critical Study on Psycho- Social Struggles of The Outsider and In the Insider Land - Readings from Bapsi Sidhwa’s the Crow Eaters.

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A. Asha Manorah Jenefer, Dr. G. Immanuel


The ongoing boom in the diasporic study of South Asian migrants is traversing the globe, with that the concepts of alienation, a rootlessness that grows between the two, results in a new perspective of categorizing it as an Insider/ Outsider sensibility. Each country has its varied culture and tradition to cherish, as outsiders to the newness that surrounds the immigrants; they face the difficulty to manage to change the retrospective imbalance. It is identified that people experiencing diaspora strongly undergo the dilemma of being an outsider in the insider world.  This concept has been influenced majorly by the women writers of the South Asian region.  Acclaimed to this, Bapsi Sidhwa, the most talented writer of her era contributes to the paradigm of indigenous tradition and culture. In all her writings, her emphasis was on outsider conflicts in correlation with cultural distress and issues of the immigrants in diversified nationalities. Being a Pakistani writer, she carries the light of her identity to touch upon her works with her characters closely walking with issues of an outsider. The author adapts her quest to find the solution for the lost identities of culture and related predicaments. Therefore, the diasporic elements among the transnationals are given priority in her works to highlight the struggles of the immigrants. This paper envisages the differences that are been made in the world of insiders by the decisions that are by an outsider and as a diasporic community to deeply dwell on the inner self towards the quest of attaining the unattained.

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