A Study on Serious Game-Based Learning Method for Epiduroscopy: Game Experience Evaluation

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Seong-wook Jang, Junho Ko, Yoon Sang Kim


Background: An epiduroscopy is a highly effective minimally invasive surgery operated for chronic lumbago and lumbar disc herniation. An effective learning method is needed because epiduroscopy requires a high-level surgical capability, which is hard to be trained.

Objective: In this paper, we propose serious game-based learning method for epiduroscopy.

Methods: The proposed method enables trainees without epiduroscopy experience to improve surgical understanding through self-directed learning. Serious game used in the proposed method provides training which inserts catheter path of epiduroscopy.

Results: We performed an experiment to examine feasibility of the proposed method to actual education. In the experiment, 20 neurosurgeons learned catheter path of epiduroscopy according to the proposed method. From the experimental results, it was confirmed that trainees could insert the catheter quickly and safely (with less collision) in virtual environment of serious game through the proposed method. In addition, it was confirmed that 75% of trainees were "highly satisfied" or "satisfied" from a survey about the feasibility of the proposed method to actual education.

Conclusions: The proposed method is useful for catheter path learning of epiduroscopy and can be applied to actual education.

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