The Impact of Playing Violent Online Games on The Aggression Levels Among Individuals Aged 18-37 Years

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Anjana S Nair, Kuldeep Kaur, Vikram Singh Sikarwar , Murtaza Farooq, Rishav Kumar , Dr. Sona


Online gaming is a very common way to spend leisure time these days especially after the pandemic. The tools used for assessment were the Internet Gaming Disorder Scale–Short-Form (IGDS9-SF) and Buss-Perry Aggression Questionnaire [BPAQ].


The study has used the online mode of data collection. The questionnaires were converted into e-forms and were circulated through various social media handles like email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. The data was collected and separated into the different dimensions of aggression. Mean, standard deviation, Pearson product moment correlation were used to statistically analyse the relationship of PA, VA, A and H with online violent gaming. The study concluded that verbal aggression and hostility are positively correlated with online violent gaming. Thus, implying that there is a significant relationship between dimensions of aggression and online violent gaming.

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