Attitudes of university faculty members towards the usefulness of using Google translation in their research and lecture preparation

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Professor Dr. Shatha Abdul-Baqi Al-Ajeili


This study aimed to reveal the faculty members' attitudes towards the benefit of using Google’s translation in their research and preparation of their lectures. A valid and reliable questionnaire was designed that included (20) items and was applied to a sample of (100) subjects of the faculty members in Jordanian universities, by using their e-mails, divided equally in both variables: their gender and specializations. The data were analyzed and classified into three levels: high, medium, and low. The results, in general, showed that the attitudes of faculty members are positive and fall at the high level, that the attitudes of females are more positive than the males, and that the attitudes of people with humanitarian specializations are higher than those of scientific specializations, and that the weights of most of the items are at the high level that measures the attitudes towards using Google Translation.

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