Multicultural Educational System: A Practical Approach to Healthy Global Society

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Prof.(Dr.) Tania Gupta, Mahesh Sahebrao Wavare, Prof. Chhaya Patel, Dr. Sunder Kala Negi, Shahid Bashir, Dr. Gadadh Latha


The current paper aims at casting and shedding new lights on the importance of multiculturalism in education to construct a healthy global society. Multiculturalism is a method of teaching which encourages important ideologies such as integrity in diversty, democratic environmrnt among the students, feeling of respect, and the most important thing is enabling critical thinking in students. Pluralism in classrooms assists students to bring forth their own perspective, on the basis of their culture and nation ethnicity, related to the different topics discussed in classrooms. This type of healthy discussions help in development of self confidence among the students.  This research is very beneficial for the students as well as for the teachers because, in this research paper multiculturalism, in the context of education, will be discussed from both of the point of views of students and of teachers, this paper analyzes at the resonshow learning about the cultures of others, different ethnic groups, and race assist the students to develop the critical thinking, analytical mind and decision making among the students.

The purpose of this research is to open new ways of learning for the studentsand teachers inside and outside the class rooms. This is a qualitative research, in which a survey methods is used through questionnaires that been distributed among the students of different courses, after collecting various responses from the students SPSS is used for analyses the data.

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