Employing the press image in Emirati news sites, the Emirates Barq website as a model

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Mustafa Wajeeh Hussein, Anmar Waheed Faydi


The successive technological developments in the media industry led to its entry into a new era characterized by a straight news flow around the world, which resulted in a change in the world of journalistic art to the world of visual art. Because the press photo has taken a distinguished position and a key role in achieving the goals of the press, and as a result of the rapid development in the manufacture of patterns and in the way of transferring and processing photos. This led to the transformation of some paper newspapers into electronic ones, and the use of the image in most of the news became from a silent image to a moving picture. This is due to the awareness of the press institutions of the importance of the image in the newspaper, and the press image is the most critical pillar of the structural elements used in the output units of electronic newspapers. Because of its impactful ability and essential meanings that it carries to future, and after the emergence of Internet networks, which became the lifeblood of users. Because of the services it provides in various areas of life, and thanks to the applications. it offers that facilitate access to them, the website is one of the most essential services provided by the Internet to humans.

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