A look at education systems in Latin America

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Jennifer Catalina Murcia Rodríguez, Adriana Quimbayo-Feria, Daniel A. Velasquez-Mantilla, César Augusto Aguirre León, Astrid Viviana Rodríguez Sierra


The review of the educational systems in Latin America allows to know the levels of training of individuals, the skills they acquire, the requirements they need to meet each stage of education, inviting to analyze the profiles that are acquired in each country. The study allows to compare Colombia training standards in relation to other countries, if the times of academic development are handled in the same way and if the same skills are handled for students. It does not give an overview of how the country is and if it is responding to international objectives and the productive sector. The methodology used is documentary research, allowing to review the educational systems and their academic structure, finding similarities between Colombia and countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, among others. For this purpose, categories were selected to clearly describe each topic found, allowing to describe the levels of training.

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