Storage System for Software Quality Metrics Associated with UML Diagrams

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Jairo A. Cortes M., Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Jaime Alberto Paez Paez, Fredys A. Simanca H., Fabian Blanco Garrido


The project derived from the research "Software quality metrics system based on Unified Modeling Language - UML diagrams", which is being developed at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, recommends the development of software quality metrics based on UML diagrams to identify early errors in its concept. The final objective is to support these indicators with tools that allow the work of software designers and developers and that they can evaluate the relationship that the diagram and its quality must have with the requirements. This research shows the results of a storage system for software quality metrics based on UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams. Information on software quality metrics was obtained mainly on the aforementioned diagrams represented in metamodels with XMI (XML (eXtensible Markup Language) Interchange) formats to facilitate the exchange of metadata between modeling tools based on UML.


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