Methods of organizing independent work of students

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Muzaffar Muhammedovich Avliyakulov, Nargiza Abdurazzokovna Rafieva, Sadoqat Bobokulovna Shodieva


It is time to explore ways to develop students' independent learning methodological guidance. The most sustainable way to motivate is through professional work and a creative approach to work. Involvement of young people in various practical, social, organizational and creative activities is also a factor in increasing the effectiveness of independent education. - In the process of independent study, students refer to additional literature, review the topics covered. The role of teachers is especially important in preparing students for independent work. The teacher should define the topic of independent work in a way that suits the student's ability and level of knowledge, in which he / she is interested in the work and forces him / her to think independently. It is necessary to provide all the necessary information for the implementation of this work, methodological guidelines, and, if necessary, the organization of questions and answers, advice and excursions on these topics.

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