Peer Pressure and Its Impact on Academic Achievements of Students of Secondary Schools

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Dr. Subhash Sarkar, Mr.Goutam Das, Mrs. Chaitali Banik


The modern globalized society is   known as the period of information and knowledge based society due to the effects of scientific and technological research and activities. It is highly evolved owing to being connected with technological fields along with its vast areas. Of the most notable action desired by the present people is to have knowledge to reach the limit of sky through extending knowledge for implementing the proverb that knowledge is power. Consequently, at present Indian education system force’s its student to live a pressure filled life, demanding excellence in the form of an external reward and marks or grades. India is moving towards modernization and there is lot of competition over the children and it is creating a pressure on children. When pressure held by those people who are similar in age, grade, status or interest and similar in other some ways, it’s called peer pressure. Sometimes peer pressure works positively and sometimes it works negatively. Depending on the makeup of the group, Peer influence has a greater impact on the academic performance both positively and negatively (Abderrahim E, 2016)1. In this study the researcher wants to study the influence of peer pressure on Academic Achievement of the Students of Government and Private Secondary (Both English and Bengali medium) Schools in Tripura.

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