Product Development from Agriculture Products to Promote Tourism in Ang Thong Province, Thailand

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Napassorn Kerdpitak, Teerapong Pongpeng, Chayanan Kerdpitak


The objective of this research is to evaluate the role of agriculture product development to promote tourism in Ang Thong Province in Thailand. It is due to the reason that the tourism in Ang Thong province is facing problems because the new agriculture products are not being developed. The method of data collection was based on the questionnaire that was delivered to the 500 respondents to get first-hand data, later, it was collected and the response from 475 individuals was analyzed by Smart PLS 3 to test the hypothesis and develop the relationship between variables. The findings of this study reveal that there is a great contribution of agriculture products development to tourism in Ang Thong province of Thailand. Moreover, the significance of this study is important because it addresses the theoretical gap and practical gap, as no study earlier has discussed agriculture products development to promote tourism in Thailand.


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