The Role of Community Radio in Participation of Development of Various Fields in Rural Communities

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Dian Wardiana Sjuchro, Nuryah Asri Sjafirah, Susie Perbawasari, Rully Khairul Anwar, Petrus Ana Andung


The preliminary study proved that disaster information has not reached the community evenly; people do not understand the actual and factual information from sources they should trust. Dissemination of information only uses the participation of community leaders who provide further information derived from information disseminated by local governments and their staff. Inter-institutional cooperation that has not yet been implemented explains that other media are needed, namely media closer to the community, namely community radio. This study aims to analyze the role of community radio on community economic development in rural areas of West Java. This study used a case study. While data analysis used the Miles-Huberman interactive model of five radio communities in rural areas of West Java. Various types of development in terms of ideology, politics, economy, social, and culture are used to illustrate this study. This study found that the presence of community radio in rural areas is vital as part of village development, especially during difficult times such as the Covid-19 Pandemic. Community radio can be helpful for the government, especially local governments, always assist parties who support government programs such as community radio in designing, implementing, and supervising development. In this regard, community radio has illustrated the principle of the community for the community.

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