Encouraging Bureaucracy Performance in the Field of Investment in Gorontalo District

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Darmin Romy Sjahrain, Arifin Tahir, Yanti Aneta, Sukarman Kamuli


This article aims to analyze and describe: efforts to encourage bureaucratic performance in the investment sector in Gorontalo Regency. The research method used is a qualitative method. The data analysis used in this article is an interactive model analysis consisting of three analysis components, namely: Data Reduction, Data Presentation, Data Verification and Conclusion Drawing. The results of the article show that the performance of the bureaucracy in the investment sector in Gorontalo Regency can be improved through several stages, including: (1) The productivity of the performance of the apparatus, which includes: (a) improving work ethic; (b) adaptability; and (c) building partnerships with investors initiated by local governments; (2) The performance responsibility of the apparatus, which includes: (a) Providing legal protection guarantees to investors and potential investors; and (b) reforming the licensing flow mechanism. (3) Accountability of the performance of the apparatus which includes: (a) ease of access to services for investors and attention to strategic investment policies.

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