Semiotic Meaning in Verbal and Non- Verbal on Batak Toba Death Ceremony

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Rina Octavia Simarmata, Sumarsih, Siti Aisyah Ginting, Amrin Saragih


Semiotic is a study about how a sign has a role in object, whether it is the object directly. See arround us or our sociality that everything has a hidden meaning in itas well as about how semiotic science makes a sign or an object have a eaning contained in it has as a whole meaning from hte point of view of each oerson or judging it or seeing it, especially in terms of Batak Toba culture there are many signs that have realization in everyday life. The purpose of this study is to find out how semiotics have meaning in the object as verbal and non- verbal in Batak toba death ceremonny and the realization in question is how these signs have meaning in an activiy especially in the Toba Batak death Cetremony. In this study, the writer conducted a descriptive qualitative with an ethnomethodological approach where, the research is based on social community relations that refferred in this study is Batak Toba Community.

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