The Santhal Community Socio-Economical Information needs and Quality of Life: A case study at Saragchhida Village under Chandua Block in Mayurbhanj District of Odisha

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Monoj Tudu, Subarna Kumar Das


The study aimed to know the socio-economic status of tribal people under the Saragachhida Gram Panchayat, Chandua Block in the Mayurbhanj District of Odisha. The Saragachhida Village under the Saragchhida Gram Panchayet has been selected as a case study area situated in the east border areas of West Bengal where the Tribal People are living. The Santal are spent their village life very simply. Farming, Fishing, Hunting is their main livelihood, same time they collect some dry product from forest for their living. The study has been deals with 250 tribal people for data collection. The data are collected randomly; all the Primary data were collected from a set of structured questionnaires to know their perfect socio-economic background. For better understand, discussion was made with 18 to 60 above Santal people as well as secondary data were collected through reading various tribal article and books. From the observation, this study observed that socio-economic status of the Santal is getting better day by day. Although there is some problems like- poverty, unemployment, electricity, Education, better communication, social security, and pure drinking water but primary health condition and socio-cultural bonding with in tribes is also very strong.

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