The Role of School Leadership toward Improving Student’s Achievement: A Case Study of Secondary Schools in Changchun, China

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Berhane Aradom Tedla, Nasero Charles Kilango


Effective leadership practices are indispensable in contributing to student’s achievement. School leaders, more than ever, are expected to create a conducive learning environment. The purpose of this study was to explore the role of school leadership toward improving student achievements at secondary schools in Changchun, Jilin Province, China, by considering principals’ leadership behaviors and practices. Student achievement was evaluated in terms of grades that is based upon student passing examinations (national entrance exams). Quantitative and qualitative research methodologies were employed, and questionnaires, interviews and document analysis were used to collect data from teachers and principals about the role of a principal on student achievement. The findings revealed that principals’ behaviors promote higher performance through practices, such as classroom supervision, directing, setting goals, teamwork, collaboration, continuous monitoring of students’ progress and supporting teacher autonomy.

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