Pragmatic view of George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Pavithra R, S. Mahadevan


This study examines the use of anthropomorphism in George Orwell's novella Animal Farm. It also emphasises the author's intention in using anthropomorphism. This explanation focuses on Orwell's novella's usage of anthropomorphism, as well as its meaning and application. Anthropomorphism is one of the figures of speech, and it is our primary concern in this inquiry. Theories and definitions of anthropomorphism are highlighted. Animal Farm analyses the novella as well as corpus-based anthropomorphism research to establish Orwell's intentions for employing this language technique. The linguistic trick is then employed in Orwell's novella Animal Farm, and a good method for teaching anthropomorphism in Orwell's Animal Farm is discovered.Orwell uses anthropomorphism in the novella Animal Farm to describe individuals in authority and ordinary people during the Soviet Revolution, as well as to show his feelings about it. In general, this research shows that this linguistic strategy has a significant role to play, and that the decorating outlook needs to be revisited.

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