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Dr. Nidhi Chadha


The recent years specially in times of pandemic saw philanthropy in full swing and in a variety of shades, from thousands of crores being donated and meals being fed to something as simple as being there for the elderly during the lockdown. Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others by addressing social issues. Individuals can express their philanthropy with generous donations of money to fund causes. Philanthropy not only includes donations but also volunteer services and other acts of kindness. Someone who is well known for practicing philanthropy may sometimes be called a philanthropist. Although such individuals are often very wealthy, people may nevertheless perform philanthropic acts without possessing great wealth. Spending money on other people may have a more positive impact on happiness than spending money on oneself. In a more fundamental sense, this research paper will provide an insight in the concept of philanthropy which also encompasses any altruistic activity that is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. Also, this research paper focuses on the benefits of giving; not just for the recipients but for the giver’s health and happiness, and for the strength of entire communities. For the receiver, philanthropy helps in material and concrete terms, indirectly helping mental and psychological well-being. For the giver, it brings in social recognition and appreciation, which is also good for mental health. This research paper tries to explore the influence of personality traits on the philanthropic behaviour.

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