Working Through Vs. Acting Out in Sophia K. Apple`s COVID-19: A Gripping Novel Inspired By Real Event

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Khalaf H. Ali, Intisar Rashid Khaleel


As interpreting concepts of processes like abreaction and repression, working through and acting out are the basic concern of the present study. The study attempts to trace the representation of those two traumatic concepts in Sophia K. Apple`s novel, in which COVID-19 pandemic is dealt with as a major source of trauma, i.e. the pandemic is regarded as a traumatic experience. Hence, that experience must surely involve certain key concepts of trauma theory, including that concepts are working through and acting out. The paper argues that these two concepts are represented in the novel, since it is viewed within the theoretical framework of trauma.
The basic trajectory the study takes is that these two concepts are represented by means of a variety of ways and techniques across the story. In other words, the representation of them isn’t conditionally confined to the act of talk only, rather they are done by various means; such as deeds, behaviors, writing and actions.
By the progress of the body statement, it is hoped to come up with the consequences that the paper looks forward.

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