An Attempt to Re-envision - Feminism and Science behind Mythology apropos of “The First Cloning” from Sudha Murthy’s Short Stories Collection “The Daughter from a Wishing Tree - Unusual Tales about Women in Mythology”

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Kirthika. N, S. Meena Priyadarshini


The women in Indian mythology might be scanty in number, but in the pages of archaic texts and epics, the fables or stories of their potency and enigma are myriads. The collection of tales accentuates entrancing and stout-hearted women who oft-times led wars on behalf of Gods, who factually were the lynchpin of their families and designers of their destinies.

    We all have been raised hearkening to mythological stories and epics. Some we inclined to detest whilst rest we crammed up to influence us in our lives. But due to the long-established patriarchal stratagem and deciphering of the mythos and its character, mythoi are constricted by women’s influence and delineation. Feminism being succored by many umpteen activists and philosophers has adduced that archived literature and history seldom have women’s vocalization in them - implies either woman wasn’t present, practically that’s undoable since in the world women comprise half of the population, or else their opinions were never listened or reached the ears or voices remained voiceless. Likewise, opinions and wisdom of women’s mythical characters have been repressed or extirpated by the patriarchal deciphering and narratives. From the inception of the mythos to multifarious interpretations this dearth of feminine and feminist narratives can be overhauled.

    This article endeavors to accentuate the concept of feminism and the ancient science behind the myth is determined through selected mythological feminist characters in selected stories of Sudha Murthy.

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