Digitalization in India: Trends and Challenges

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S. Christina Sheela, SPS. ArulDoss, S. Jenifer Infanta, US. Ilakkiya


On July first 2015, Republic of Indian prime minister inaugurated digital India week. Today, advances in technology bring changes to people's way, and difficult organization to accompany these advances. This paper argues with the digital technologies that are just about used and facilitate in developing business and industries. In additional business, technologies facilitate in rising the business strategy. In a corporation, to beat the challenges, the leader would recommend some resolution to the work force are developing digital human resource, digital technology and development, digital skills, building vision and strategic goals. The challenges that may be moon-faced within the field of education, exchange of data, crime and digital illiteracy. Within the field of digital technology, there happens lack of masterful man-power and day by day the quantity of workforces gets reduced thanks to technology development. The target of this paper is interpretation and discovering the perception of digital transformation. Digital transformation challenges are complicated to handle however the organization and also the individuals should shift towards the changes of development.

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