Cyber Blackmail Crime Against Women - A Case Study

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Omar Abdulsalam Hussein et al.


Cyber blackmail against women is a pernicious form of cybercrime that has become pervasive in modern society. It is a covert crime with significant social ramifications. Blackmail cases against women have made waves on social media.During the pandemic Covid-19, a survey by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior women found that 60% of women in Iraq have been victims of cyber-blackmail crimes, which is a lot. Here is the main problem when you ask whether or not Iraqi law is good enough to protect women from cyber threats.This demonstrates the significance of the subject of this study, as it impacts women and their families, as authentic social traditions and conventions govern oriental civilization. The paper examines pertinent national legislation and regulations and the contemporary challenges associated with cyber-blackmail against women. Additionally, the study will discuss the most critical components of a lawsuit and measures for preventing this crime.The research examines relevant national rules and regulations in Iraq and the current issues of cyber-blackmail crime against women. The descriptive and analytical technique is used to describe, analyze, and diagnose the problem in all dimensions. As a result, the article contributes to a greater understanding of cyber blackmail by providing a comprehensive discussion of a variety of issutopicsIraq and the reasons for the expansion of cyber blackmail and an analysis of the most critical aspects of litigation and community awareness regarding the crime of blackmail. The paper finishes with prevention strategies and advice for stakeholders on how to bto address this situation.

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